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Are you ready for your prom night, girls? have you gone shopping for your prom dress, prom shoes and prom jewelries? check out this prom shop which sells gorgeous prom dresses. this designer prom shop is very busy in this period, as lots of teen girls come here to find the perfect prom dress. play prom shop dress up game and dress up each college girl in the prom dress she fancies. you are the shop assistant of this prom shop and lots of clients come in. welcome the client and assist her in choosing the prom dress she likes. once the client found the perfect prom dress, take the client to the cashier counter to pay for the prom dress and get it wrapped in a shopping bag. with the money you year from selling lots of prom dresses, heels and accessories, you can buy upgrades for your prom shop, like a seven hundred dollars sofa, a coffee bar, a four hundred dollars journal table or an air conditioner. if you are not fast enough, your clients will get upset and leave your prom shop.

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Jul 12th, 2013